Black Girl Speaks

Throwback Thursday: Guns & Children…Again

[caption id="attachment_2364" align="alignright" width="960"] Living carefree is a luxury no longer afforded to even children.[/caption] Guns and Children Throwback Thursday: December 15, 2012 Yesterday, I played with my one-year-old daughter after picking her up early from school, as I usually do. As we laughed, I thought about those parents in…

Being Black: The Death Sentence in America

[caption id="attachment_2314" align="aligncenter" width="533"] Charleena Lyles[/caption] Since October, the police have come to my house no less than ten times. That's alarming because being Black in America can be a crime with a death sentence. They were called anonymously by someone upset that I homeschool my children. (That's an entirely…
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