Black Girl Speaks

The Help(er) Part I

The Help(er) Part I“It’s the best thing about living in Asia!” “Everyone has one. Just do it!” “You’ll never want to leave if you get one. They change your life!”These are all statements that have repeatedly been echoed to me since we did completely change our lives enough as it is and…

Singapore Nice

One thing that has completely fallen below my expectations here in Singapore is the lack of quality customer service. I mean I wasn’t expecting full out red carpet treatment every time I patronized a business, but at these extortionist prices, at least a willingness to please, a smile, and “thank…

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Saturday, August 1, 2013 4:51 AM During our transitional process, we traveled quite a few times within the states. (See Planes, Trains, and Auto Deals coming soon.) In one trip, while waiting in the airport, my daughter saw a designated children’s play area and gleefully darted in its direction. Already…

One Week In

Friday, August 1, 2013 5:26 amIt has been exactly one week since we landed in Singapore to begin our new life in our new home. And, it actually almost feels like it is home already.  The initial, “Where am I again? Did we really just do this? What time is…
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